Comment Policy

Comment Policy

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to cultivate respectful, meaningful, and worthwhile discussions. I believe we all have something to learn from each other, but that can only occur when we engage in respectful discussions explaining our views and why we hold them. Comments are welcome even if you disagree with what myself or someone else has said/written.

  1. Comments should be on topic.
  2. Comments should add value to the discussion.
  3. Comments should be respectful.
  4. Comments may be in disagreement with myself or someone else.

I reserve the right to delete, at my discretion, any comments that do not follow these guidelines. Below are a few examples of reasons why your comment may be deleted.

  1. Off topic – If your comment does not relate to the topic of discussion.
  2. Comments that are considered disrespectful include:
    1. Harassing remarks i.e. only commenting when you have an argument to make.
    2. Attacks on a person’s race, age, sex, gender, ethnicity, or religion.
    3. Refusing to answer direct questions. This is a major pet peeve of mine. I enjoy a good discussion even if we disagree, but if you ignore questions or respond with another question it will be deleted.
  3. Excessively long comments that are not focused and/or may go down rabbit trails
  4. Advertising and/or personal marketing.
  5. Links that do not relate to our discussion.
  6. Anything otherwise deemed offensive that doesn’t fit into the above categories.

I agree to show you the same respect that I expect to be shown. Any repeated patterns of breaking these rules may result in a block.